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  • An Unexpected Speed Training

    Just sharing…

    Yesterday as I was running around the park, I was joined by a friend to join him on his “easy run”.  I was on my second loop (1 loop is 600m) then.  Don’t know what came to me and agreed to run with him.  I totally forgot that this guy is a sprinter and always a podium finisher, and his easy run is my speed training pace.  Feeling exhausted, I stopped my should be 5K run to 3K. Finished my run at 17:30 minutes (my fastest so far) and sat on the sidewalk!  That was one unexpected speed training for me.

    Note to self:  Never join a podium finisher on his EASY run. :)  Kidding aside, I never knew I could run that fast.


  • One Run. One Family. One La Salle. OROFOLS

    Assemble at the Mall of Asia Complex 4:30AM.

    The race starts at:

    • 5:30 am – 16k
    • 5:45 am – 10k
    • 5:55 am – 5k
    • 6:00 am – 3k

    Have your race number marked and recorded by an official checker at the START/FINISH arc. This will be proof that you started at the designated starting point.

    Once your race number is marked, please DO NOT LEAVE the cordoned area.

    Baggage area is available near the START/FINISH arc.


    • Your race number is non-transferable.
    • Pin it in front of your running shirt. YOUR RACE NUMBER MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES.
    • Race number color codes: 3k – Gold , 5k – Violet , 10k – Red , 16k – Green


    • Shoe Tag number corresponds to your Race Number.
    • Remove the Strider Shoe Tag from bib by tearing off along perforated lines.
    • Slide the Strider Shoe Tag under shoelaces, white side facing up. Remove adhesive backing.
    • Press adhesive to opposite end marked “Attach Here”.
    • Rotate the Strider Shoe Tag loop so that “THIS SIDE UP” is visible.

    BIB FRONT 8X6IN (3K) copy copy
    BIB FRONT 8X6IN (5K) copy copy
    BIB FRONT 8X6IN (10K) copy copy
    A security ribbon will be given to every runner at designated areas. WITHOUT THIS, A RUNNER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS HAVING FINISHED THE RACE.

    Safe parking spots are available around the area.

    North open parking
    Block 12 Open carparks: Php 35.00

    North parking building
    Carpark buildiing: Php 45.00

    Clean portalets are available around the area please refer to the map layout at www.dlsaa.com.


    • Cold water for drinking and/or dousing will be provided at the START/FINISH arc and along the route at an interval of 2.5km. After using, please dispose cups at the designated receptacles;
    • Medical assistance will be available along the route and at the finish area.

    Checkpoints along the route and at turning points will be set up to ensure that every runner travels the correct distance. OFFICIALS WILL RECORD YOUR RACE NUMBER AT THESE POINTS.

    Runners should cross the finish line and make sure that you have to cross the mat. Giveaways will be given to finishers. Claim it together with the finisher’s certificate from the processing officials by showing your race number with the finishing mark. Please check map at www.dlsaa.com.

    Official results of the race will be posted at www.dlsaa.com as soon as they are available.

    Protests and complaints with regard to any aspect of the race involving officials and/or runners will be accepted only in written form, accompanied by evidence and filed in writing within thirty (30) minutes after the race, to be submitted at the Technical Area.
    Any misrepresentation is valid ground for disqualification. The organizer reserves the right to verify all submitted information and to reject or disqualify any entry at its discretion.







    Php100.00 discount will be given to DLSAA Lifetime and AQB Members, La Salle Admins, La Salle Faculty, La Salle Employees and La Salle Students.

    • De La Salle University – DLSAA Office


    • R.O.X. – Taguig – Bonifacio High Street, B1 ROX Bldg. Taguig
    • A RUNNER’S CIRCLE – Unit H, Aloha Hotel, 2150 Roxas Blvd.
    • OLYMPIC WORLD – Alabang – G/F Alabang Town Center
    • OLYMPIC WORLD – 4/F Trinoma Q.C. (Timezone)

    ONLINE REGISTRATION:  Visit http://www.dlsaa.com/dlsaa/orofols3/form.php





    ROUTE MAP: Maps can be found at the backside of the Bib.

    ROUTE MAP (3K)

    ROUTE MAP (5K)

    ROUTE MAP (10K)

    ROUTE MAP (16K)For more information, you may refer to the following sites:







    See you there!!!

    For more race schedule, you may click HERE.

  • Race For The Orphans

    MAIN POSTER 3 - Final Revision
    Race For The Orphans
    February 12, 2012
    Camp Aguinaldo Grounds, EDSA corner Santolan Avenue, Quezon City

    Registration Fees:
    Regular registration fees (from January 7 until February 9, 2012):

    • 10K – PHP 600
    • 5K – PHP 400

    Includes Bib with Timing Tag and Singlet (For both 5k and 10k runners)
    All registered runners have a chance to win a free trip for 2 to Boracay.


    JANUARY 7 to February 11, 2012 (12:00 nn – 8:00 pm)

    • Secondwind Running Store: Quezon City and Ortigas Branches
    • A Runners Circle (ARC): Roxas Blvd. corner Quirino Avenue
    • ROX: Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig

    Avail of the early registration promo of 6 Race Kits plus 1 FREE (same category only) good until January 22, 2012.


    A race for the orphans, a race for your hearts! A very special race for the month of the heart—The Race For The Orphans will stir the Camp Aguinaldo Grounds in the still misty morning of February 12, 2011 each not only to experience running the peaceful grounds of the military camp but to take part in answering the orphans cry for love and compassion.

    It is with this aim that Rundezvous Events Inc., will stage this event that will provide scholarship grants through “I-Hope”, a trust fund that will support the educational needs of these orphans of soldiers killed in action in Mindanao and for future grantees of the AFP Educational Benefit System (AFPEBS).

    Each runner pays a modest registration fee of P600.00 for the 10k run and P400.00 for the 5k run. Inclusive with this fee is a nice running singlet available in various sizes, a Timing tag, race bib number and a goodie bag from our sponsors.

    Our registration Centers will be at the Secondwind Running Stores in Ortigas and Quezon City; ROX at Bonifacio High Street and at A Running Circle (ARC) along Quirino Avenue corner Roxas Blvd., Manila.

    “We shall leave no soldiers’ orphan behind”. This is the AFP Educational Benefit System Office’s (AFPEBSO) tagline, an organization which deeply recognizes the heroism in each Filipino soldier. It is one of the morale and welfare outfits of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that grant educational benefits both to the military personnel and their dependents with the aim of helping them secure a brighter future. As it recognizes our soldiers’ heroism, especially of those who lay down their lives in protecting peace, AFPEBSO gives priority to the orphans of Filipino soldiers who were killed in action.

    We’ll see you at Camp Aguinaldo on February 12, 2012!

    For inquiries, please call or text:

    Abet: 09158030224 or Zarina: 09165217400
    Or call Phone: 6(32) 3829659 c/o of Salie Guarin.

  • Bouncing Back

    Since I really wanted to go back in training, I’ve decided to go to the gym and do either a bike or run on a treadmill.  I’ve got everything plotted since last week and I’ve already started my diet plan.  It’s gonna look like there are gym days and there would be road days; less weights for me though and more on cardio.  Since I do not want to enroll to popular fitness centers (no need to mention them), I’ve decided to go to our friendly neighborhood gym.
    Yesterday was day 1.  As I arrived at the gym I was greeted politely by the attendant and accommodated my queries about the fees and gym hours (I wanted to do it after work).  I was glad to see 2 bikes and a treadmill as they are on top of my list of machines.  I was put aback when they mentioned that the treadmill was down and needed repair.  Well at least they still have the bike.  So I opted to do cycling.  It wasn’t the best cycling experience for me as compared to what I had in Cebu back in February.  Though the bike is similar, the feel wasn’t that close.  I suppose the bikes were not well maintained by the owner and they put much less priority to cardio machines.  Why?  As I was cycling, I saw two (2) treadmills put aside and I assume those were all due for repair.  So now that makes it 3 since the last one is also down.
    Anyway, I managed to finish a 30-minute cycling exercise last night and got their floor splattered with sweat (yuck!).  It felt great to see myself all drenched with sweat and thinking that I’m ready to be back (in shape).
    For those, like me who wanted to be back in shape and training, you should be taking the following considerations when choosing a gym:
    1 – You may opt to enroll at a cheaper gym than those popular ones
    2 – Choose a gym near either to your place of work or your home
    3 – Check their schedule and if it fits yours taking into consideration your work/school schedule
    4 – Check the fee. Some would ask for a membership fee plus pay per session and others are okay with pay per session; I would go for pay per session
    5 – When choosing #1, be sure to survey the area and the machines and equipment
    6 – Know if the machines and equipments are working
    7 – Know if they have back up of the machines and equipments
    8 – I do not have issues on bathrooms or changing rooms since the gym is within the village but for some they are important.  Inspect for cleanliness and if they have water. ;)
    9 – Check if they have lockers so you will know if you can bring your stuff inside the gym without the fear of losing them
    10 – Bring your own drink/hydration
    Since I was not quite satisfied with the gym that I went to yesterday, I’ll hop 0nto another next week. ;)

  • NBA Fit – Air 21 Run 2011 (Race Day)

    that is not my actual finish time, okay? LOL

    It felt good to finish early on race day. No, I didn’t run fast.  I did a 5K and not my usual 21Ks for the past couple of races.  Why?  I need to lower my distance and train more for my next 21’s because my time has gotten worse lately and I feel like I’m getting burned out from running.  I need to go back to short distances to feel the “fun” again and slowly move to my usual long distances.

    Just before the gunstart I asked my friend where to meet after the we reaching the finish line and he told me, “5K lang ‘to” (This is only 5K).  Needless to say it’s gonna be easier for us to locate each other since we are to finish the route in more or less 30 minutes.  True enough just after a couple of turns, I was surprised to see the word “FINISH” up ahead. That’s when I realize that 5K is really a short distance to cover and this is a good training ground for developing speed.  I made the right decision of choosing a shorter distance as it was a breather for me.
    Overall, the race was great.  It was well participated.  There were more than enough hydration for us; water and Gatorade were abundant on hydration stations.  Medic stations were present as well.  Marshals were supportive of runners.
    The only downside that day were the people at the baggage area.  I’m not going to share further as I do not want to relive that experience between me and those 2 attendants.  My time staying at the baggage area was longer than the time I finished my 5K run.
    she asked for my bib number and ignored me
    just decided to relax after that chaos
    Yes, that is Coach Erik Spoelstra

    Congratulations to all runners, organizers, and sponsors of NBA Fit-Air 21 Run 2011.

    Two more weeks to prepare for my 21K run.  This is a pre-registered race before I’ve decided to do shorter distances.  So I’m not expecting a PR.

  • NBA FIT – Air 21 Run 2011

    NBA FIT is the league’s comprehensive health and wellness program that encourages physical activity and healthy living for children and families.  They utilize their players to share important health and fitness tips with kids, parents, and families.  They educate and engage children and families in healthy living practices.
    The second edition of NBA FIT Philippines in partnership with Air 21 (and RunRio Inc.) will have a running event as part of their culminating activity of the 2-week (14 days) program.
    When: August 7, 2011 (Sunday) at 5:00 AM.
    Where: Start Point at 7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City; End point at 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City
    Categories/Fee: 3K (Php 400), 5K (Php 500), 10K (Php 500), 21K (Php 600)
    Gunstart: 3K 5:50AM / 5K 5:40AM / 10K 5:20AM / 21K 5:00AM
    Online Registration: July 14 to August 2, 2011-07-25
    In-Store Registration: July 16 to August 4, 2011
    More details below:
    singlet design
    event layout
    There will be a centralized three-day singlet claiming activity will be held on August 4, 5, and 6 at the 7th Avenue, 28th Avenue, 9th Avenue, and 26th Avenue of Bonifacio Global City.
    **I would like to thank RunRio, Inc. for the pictures/material

  • Earth and Water

    Have you ever tried running inside a memorial park or a cemetery?  Just the thought of running with graves around give me the creeps.  But yesterday I gave it a try.  Upon entering the Manila Memorial Park, we passed by (guess what?) a funerary!  Then we walked further until we reached that part of the garden where every runner meet and do their stretching and serves as the starting point.
    I didn’t have any idea that we are running uphill here. Whew!!!  I just ran trying to enjoy the greens, the buildings or mausoleum (I must say I got astounded by some designs!).  There were a lot of runners here.  And some were really serious about what they are doing.  As much as I wanted to continue running, I just had to stop after 3K.  It was an ordeal for me to do an uphill run given the lack of training for the past few weeks or even months. :(
    But I will definitely go back here and train.  But I don’t wanna get caught or be left alone inside the park when the sun starts to set. Yaiks!
    that guy in black (behind the car) brought me at the Manila Memorial Park
    That guy is strong. According to some stories, he was once a smoker.
    After the run, we had a side trip to the koi pond just across the park.  Their koi’s price range is between 300 pesos to 50,000 pesos!!!  One day I’ll be setting up a pond at my own garden so I did interview the caretaker and ask him how to set up the pond (depth and width) and how many koi it can accommodate. ;)
    they follow you
    a lot of them!
    See you!

  • Gallery : Reebok ZigTech Run

    I was not feeling well today so I just did the “documentation” tasks for the event.  Here are some of the shots I’ve taken from the event:

    Were you able to receive your results via email?  If not, please visit http://www.runningmate.ph/login.php.

    Congratulations to all winners and to all runners who participated the event!

    Keep on running!

  • Wanted : Running Buddy


    • Has the passion in running
    • Can wake up early in the morning.
    • Can motivate and encourage me to run longer than 5K during training days.
    • Can drive.
    • Has a lot of stories to tell; that means MP3 players during a run is a NO NO.
    • Always available as I run on different times of the day depending on my mood and the weather.

    Okay, that was just a joke but it won’t harm if someone would apply.  Hahahaha.

    Recently, after finishing the Marathon, I have this certain level of laziness to run.  It all started when I ran a week after and my legs felt rubbery.  Since then, I went slow on training and went to running events under trained or should I say treated races as my training.

    Tried waking up in the morning but I was too lazy to go out on the road and run; and if I do, I just do short ones to finish it off and go back home and sleep or rest.  That’s how bad my trainings are lately.

    Promised myself to catch on my training during the holidays, which I did.  First day, I did a 3K.  Second day, 5.  Third day, another 5K.  I know I can do better than that but I really feel lazy to push and go more than that.

    That’s when I thought of looking for a running buddy to motivate me.  I always have a running buddy back when I was doing LSDs in preparation for the Marathon.  For me that was effective as we both are motivating each other and enjoy chatting while running and forget about the distance instead focusing on our topic. :D

    Hopefully this stage comes to an end SOON as in SOON.  I guess this is the “wall” and it’s up to me now how get through it.

    So who wants to apply as my running buddy?  The position is still open. :D

  • My Version of a Christmas Run

    After being stalled for a while and not logging any mileage for the last 2 weeks, finally I was able to run last Sunday and logging a 6.1K. Yeah, it’s kinda short for a comeback training run but I also had to break in my new babies – Asics GT 2150 which I think gave me more reasons to slow down and feel every step I make with them. It was the usual lazy Sunday so I took the opportunity to run at 1PM.  Am I hearing my readers saying, “this guy is crazy running at noontime”? The weather was a little cool that day with some sun, so no need to worry plus I miss getting some tan. :D  Plus I also wanted to shed those extra pounds gained during 2 weeks of inactivity and those I took from Noche Buena. :)

    yum! one of those sinful food at noche buena. :)

    Let’s just say we’re still in the getting to know each other stage so I could not really tell my views about the shoes in terms of performance.  All I can say is that they’re very comfortable, it hugged my feet. I don’t know if it’s because of excitement, but it made me run faster too. :)  Also noticed that it felt like I’m wearing shoes with springs while walking. I still have to adjust the lacings – you know how it affects my runs, it can cause shin splints, knee pain, noisy foot strikes, etc. One thing I also need to discover about my shoes is that the left has this sharp thing inside that almost caused me to have a blister. Aside from minor adjustments, the shoes are sturdy, comfortable, and fits well.

    I’ll write more about them in the coming weeks.