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  • 31 At 31

    I haven’t been writing articles since Wednesday because I got disoriented with my writing schedule because of work.  But earlier today, after doing a very short run and exploring IT Park to my place here in Cebu by foot (which I also intend to write later), I finally decided to write about 3 things.  To start off, my first article, but technically my second, is about doing a 31-K run last Saturday.

    I’ve made a promise to myself that I will be doing a birthday run and the distance of which is the same as my age.  Since my birthday falls on a Monday, I’ve decided to do it on a Saturday to give me time to rest on Monday in time for my flight for Cebu the following day.

    I started very early in the morning, around 4:30AM from SM Bicutan going to Bonifacio Global City passing by the road leading to Heritage Park and then going back to the main road and to McKinley and to BGC.  The killer hills inside McKinley got me exhausted so I opted to stop by the nearest 711 store to buy me some drinks and yema. :)

    Again, I was attacked by my cramps when I was on my way to the British School.  Darn those cramps!  But I still managed and was able to complete my birthday run.

    I gave myself a tap on the back and treated myself with a hearty meal/breakfast at Jollibee. :)  Didn’t feel tired that much, there was no soreness, the only thing that made everything difficult was when I got cramps because I could have gone farther without them.

    As if 31K wasn’t enough, I ran again the next day, around 6K plus another 6K of cycling.  This time I wore my Asics GT2150.  And what a relief!!!  They were nice to me and didn’t give the usual shin splints and blisters on the medial aspects of my feet.  It was like I have pillows and springs on my feet.  We have this love-hate relationship since the time I got them last December so I hope this time around it will permanently have a change of heart on me and always be nice to me.  The socks and adjustment of laces did the trick.

    Others may say it’s crazy, but for me it was a commitment to myself and to my passion.  It also served as my long run training for my first ever Marathon in March.  I could not explain the fulfillment that I’ve felt after running my 31 at 31 event.  It was the best gift by far.

  • First Day of 2011

    The first day of the year 2011 is almost over and you’re probably curious or wondering what I did for today.  Well, what else do you expect from the Running Enthusiast?

    Did 5K at my usual route in the village just to shake off those extra carbs and fats from eating and merry making during the holidays.  Realization, I am heavy and it’s not a good sign.  Now that Condura is fast approaching and not to mention the Dream Marathon in March, I need to train double time or else I’m an epic fail!

    I’m doing a long run tomorrow and I bet many of the runners will too.  See you on the road tomorrow. :)  After which, I’ll be doing series of long runs before I taper for the marathon.

  • Weekend Review

    October 16, 2010

    I did my final LSD prior to KOTR last Saturday and that was one hell of a run!

    Met up with Jerry (a dailymile friend) at SM Bicutan around 5:15 AM.  I’m not in good shape.  The week was so busy that I didn’t have the chance to do short runs or exercise even.  The 5-day untrained legs already felt shin splints creeping when I reached kilometer 4.  This is going to be tough.  I had to slow down and let Jerry do his thing alone for the meantime.  My shins were really feeling bad.  I must take some walking breaks every 5 minutes.  That went on until we reached Villamor-Sales bridge.

    We started running again when we entered Fort Bonifacio and miraculously the shin splints were gone.  Still, pacing is bad.  Can’t keep up.  Must maintain a slower pace and run-walk strategies to survive this LSD.

    We finally arrived in BHS and did two rounds before heading back.  We decided to pass by McKinley to hydrate and check out the place and the ‘hills.’  After walking a couple meters down, we decided to run up the hill.  This is it!  I just couldn’t lift my legs anymore midway the hill.  Whew!!!  Felt my hamstrings really working hard.  I think I should do that again as part of training to strengthen my lower extremities and prepare them for more challenging runs in the future.

    I admit, going back was harder.  Thank God for the cold weather.  It somehow helped me to continue on pushing and finish the run.

    Upon reaching our 21st kilometer, I really decided to walk.  My legs were too numb at this point.  They’re really heavy.  Walking was difficult too.

    I miss the leg pains, how it feels to be sore after running.  Because when you do run 3-4 times a week, you really don’t feel the pain anymore.  And feeling it again is exhilarating.

    October 17, 2010

    Rode my bike as a recovery from Saturday’s long run.  It really did help a lot to lessen the leg soreness apart from compression.

    The long wait is over.  Here I come Pikermi!!!