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  • Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon

    There is a surge of barefoot running for the past couple of years.  In fact I was there during The First Annual Run Barefoot in 2010 when they taught us the basics of transitioning to barefoot running.  I also featured Huaraches and in fact became one of the most viewed content I made.  But come to think of it, I never really tried running barefoot or at least use a barefoot-like pair not until early this year.

    Just recently I got a pair of Vibram Spyridon.  I walk, train, and race with these babies since.  If you’re asking how much time did I spend to adjust, it didn’t took long for me to adjust.  Once donned, off I went on the road and ran.  The barefoot-like running shoes I’ve had last time may have done the trick.

    The Spyridon is considered for trail use but for me this is also good for road especially when you do run on rough and uneven surfaces like at the park where I usually do my training.

    I would like to believe that these babies motivated me to run faster; I even have new personal bests during training and in running events.  It’s a head turner.  I do get mixed reactions about it primarily about the design because if looks “weird”.  All I say is try and you’ll love them. But the best feature I think these babies have is the grip it makes on the road as you do a push off.

    I’ll be needing another pair soon so my Spyridon can take days off and rest too.  I think Vibram Five Fingers are going to be one of my favorite pair of runnies.

  • An Unexpected Speed Training

    Just sharing…

    Yesterday as I was running around the park, I was joined by a friend to join him on his “easy run”.  I was on my second loop (1 loop is 600m) then.  Don’t know what came to me and agreed to run with him.  I totally forgot that this guy is a sprinter and always a podium finisher, and his easy run is my speed training pace.  Feeling exhausted, I stopped my should be 5K run to 3K. Finished my run at 17:30 minutes (my fastest so far) and sat on the sidewalk!  That was one unexpected speed training for me.

    Note to self:  Never join a podium finisher on his EASY run. :)  Kidding aside, I never knew I could run that fast.


  • The First Annual Run Barefoot 2010

    I’m sure you were able to read my article about Huaraches and many have raised their eyebrows about them.  In fact, it’s one of the most read article to date!  Raised eyebrows mean heightened curiosity about minimalist running. :)  On a personal level, it left me curious about the benefits of running barefoot and how it will affect/effect a flat-footed runner like me.

    I was invited to attend The First Annual Run Barefoot 2010 yesterday, November 30, 2010 at R.O.X. BHS.  The speakers were authors of Running Barefoot, Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee.  The two are real advocates of barefoot running and they even gave their lectures while barefooted.

    There were 3 parts of the discussion (that’s according to my understanding of the session):  First, why barefoot running and how they started or was introduced to barefoot running.  Second, drills, exercises, and tips to efficiently run barefoot.  Third, recovery.

    So why barefoot?

    As a kid, we learned to walk and run barefooted but as we grow old, we started using shoes and since then the biomechanics of our foot that is equipped to run barefoot has changed.  Normally, we strike with the ball of our foot but running in padded shoes alter this natural mechanism and that’s when we shifted to being heel strikers.  Heel strikes, as we know, can cause stress injuries such as knee pain/chondromalacia patella.

    Here are some benefits of running barefoot:

    • Strengthens the muscles of your feet
    • Realigns posture
    • Develop a more natural gait
    • Runners will learn to land on the forefoot
    • Improve balance and proprioception

    How will it benefit a flat footed runner like me?

    Well they shared some exercises/drill to help improve the arch of the foot.

    • Claw walk. Do small steps and imagine your toes are claws everytime your toes touches the ground
    • Run with small strides and strike on your forefoot. This will strengthen the arch plus simulates forefoot running
    • Grab a golf ball using your toes.

    Eventually your soles will strengthen and improve the arch of the foot.  They also suggest using flats as high-heeled running shoes displaces your center of gravity thus compromising running efficiency.

    After the talk, they had us remove our shoes (and socks) and lead us outside of R.O.X. to simulate barefoot running and claw walking.  We did a couple of yards there.

    We received a couple of items last night too:

    Front part of the singlet
    GCs, CD about RunBare and barefoot running, discount coupons, brochures, etc. They also introduced Terra Plana. I'll get one soon. :)

    At the end of the session we were given treats from Chewy Junior:

    they're really good!!!

    Some more pictures:


    with Jessica and Michael. photo courtesy of Jinoe

    Next session will be held in Cebu and then in Singapore.  Hope to hear more from Michael and Jessica in the future.

    Thanks Sir Jinoe for the invite.

  • Huarache

    Everybody’s raving about barefoot running – it’s benefits and products that simulate it.

    One of the most popular nowadays is the Vibram Five Fingers which they say is the closest one yet stylish in doing barefoot.

    A few weeks back, I discovered a footwear that simulates barefoot running.  They are called Huarache (wa-ra’che).  It is a flat heeled-sandal with an upper of woven leather strips.  It is actually a Mexican sandal and originally a peasant shoe.  Now, they’re being used for running and based on reviews, if you really want to experience barefoot running, then you should consider using this too.

    What’s different with huarache from other products is that you can purchase the raw materials and make them yourself or you can send your foot size to this website http://www.invisibleshoe.com/ and they can make one for you.  Currently, one of my dailymile (DM) friends from Cebu uses the said sandals.  His name is Jacob Ong.  He makes his own pair.

    Here are some pictures to show how Huaraches look like and see it on Jacob Ong’s foot during Milo Elims:

    here's how to measure your foot
    how it looks on your feet

    during the milo elims

    Barefoot running has its benefits, i.e. develops a natural gait, strengthens the muscles of the foot, it may reduce injuries, learning to land on the forefoot, and improve balance and proprioception.  But some say it can also be harmful and could cause Achilles tendinitis, calf strain, and blisters because of the little cushioning and protection that it provides.

    For more information about Huaraches, you may click HERE.

    Thank you to Mr. Jacob Ong for allowing me to feature this on my blog and use some of his pictures.