Just Another Anniversary/NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012

April 22, 2010.  My first ever blog content.  This is when running became a very influential part of my life, when new friendships were established, and when I started documenting (semi religiously) my runs and how I progressed to doing more long distance runs and then a marathon. :)

Eventually my blog did not just offer reading materials for running, it also became a venue of expressing and sharing some about my life in entirety.  The name “running enthusiast” I think stereotypes my site as running ONLY blogsite.  Thinking about making or starting a new blogsite is not practical. Aside from the difficulty of maintaining two sites, making another one is just another alter ego of the running enthusiast.  There is no doubt that running has been a big part of my life, BUT that is just a piece of who I really am. With that said, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of non-running related articles in the future. :)

Most of my posts lately were about promoting running events.  Some think my blog isn’t a blog anymore but more of an advertising site for running events.  Well…yes and no.  I started blogging to write about my experiences about running.  Some readers find it helpful especially for newbies and some say they can relate to the situations I sometimes share.  But part of the progress and/or growth of my blogsite is to also give information on upcoming events.  Maybe it is also telling me to catch up on my personal writings too. :)

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It is with National Geographic 2010 where I joined my first ever fun run.  I joined the 5-kilometer category.  So where else should I celebrate my anniversary? Of course with National Geographic Earth Day Run 2012! Makes sense, right? LOL

To commemorate my first run, I ran the 5K distance.  There were three thousand runners for the said category.  It was a little crowded especially at the starting line; I find that normal since we do not have wide roads to start with.

One thing that I noticed this morning was the lack of power/sports/electrolyte drinks on hydration stations.  That was sad for most runners but I heard that the National Geographic Channel was not able to get sponsors for it.  Thank goodness the water was ice cold.  Speaking of water.  I could not help but to react on runners who grab a liter or 500ml water from the hydration table.  We must also think about other runners (especially those who did longer distances) na parating pa lang, mas uhaw sila.  Thanks for allowing me to rant and sa mga natamaan, sorry.

I was targeting to run more and walk less throughout the 5K route.  Unfortunately, I started taking a longer walk break when I reached the 4th kilometer.  I just find the weather too warm and I feel uncomfortable.  Started to run again approaching S&R upto the finish line.   I finished a ‘decent’ time after not being able to join fun runs since January (I think).

I didn’t care much to go around the expo area after the run as I was really hungry and that I need to leave early too.

Congratulations to all finishers!  More runs!

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So this was how I celebrated my run and blog anniversary.  No party, no special activities.  I enjoyed the company of friends during a fun run just like how it all started.

Looking forward to more runs this year, more articles to write, and more friends!  Thank you very much to all those na nagta-tiyagang magbasa ng blog ko. ;)  The experience is humbling.

5 Responses to Just Another Anniversary/NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012

  1. Congrats on your 2nd. Cheers and more power.

  2. May mga taong kumuha ng 500ml na bottled water at tinapon lang sa tabi. Ano ba purpose ng takbo? Its not just for fun, we are running for a cause.

    • Avatar runningenthusiast
      runningenthusiast says:

      Thank you for the comment.

      Looking at it on a bigger perspective, removing all biases on the name or cause of the event, we should encourage all races to be environment friendly. Don’t you think?

  3. Happy Anniversary! Like I’ve always said, sooner or later you will evolve as a blogger and you have. Sharing about upcoming races isn’t a bad thing at all. But your fans do miss your thoughts on the run, and I am one of those that just peek once in a while and check if there’s anything new that you’ve shared. Hope to see you at the 21k category races soon.