I’ve been very busy for the last 2 weeks and because of my crazy schedule that includes time for my mini business and free lance work, I would rather spend the remaining hours of my day running and resting.  It will not be long enough before I get to fully adjust and be able to write again.  I love what I am doing right now but I have to set aside some of the things normally done previously so I can focus more and be productive.

This is how my workstation looks like on a daily basis. The good thing is I get to work at home without the hassle of being stuck in a cube or office

I’m slowly catching up on articles and hopefully I finish my ‘backlog’ before The Bull Runner Dream Marathon happening this weekend and/or before the Globe Run for Home Cebu the following weekend.  Yes, I’ll be flying to Cebu next weekend and come to think of it it has been a year since I’ve last seen my friends there.  Hope to have time for all of them when I go back.

This is it for now and keep on running. :)